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“An absolute must read for anyone with an interest in real estate investing, this book is in a league of its own. Finally someone who paints a complete picture of what it means and what it takes to be a real estate investor….in the real world! I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much from a single book. It packs so much info, yet thanks to Broad”s clear and simple writing style, it is a really easy read. Very highly recommended.”
Christine Michaud, on
“One word keeps coming to mind: truth. This book is the truth about real estate investing. I LOVE the chapter about working as a woman and as a couple in real estate investing: Chapter 14: Where Are The Ladies?

Every chapter of the book is unique because it challenges the common perceptions, but this chapter is especially unique. Every chapter will make you think differently about real estate investing.

Recommendation: buy this book now. It will demystify and inform real estate investing for you.”

Zander, on


From: Julie Broad

MORE-THAN-CASH-FLOW-mediumWow! #1 on – what an amazing start this book has had. I am so grateful for all the amazing reviews and hungry readers who’ve snapped up copies. You’ve proved what others in the publishing world didn’t believe – a book with an honest perspective will sell. People want the full story … they want to know where there is pain and they want to know where there are big risks.

If you’re here today because you haven’t got your copy yet, I have put together a gift package for you – just my way of saying Thank You for your support.

I also want to get this book into the hands of as many investors as I can to help people make the best decisions possible for their lives.

There are a lot of things that nobody else is talking about in the real estate space; Things that would help you make a lot better decisions in your business.

Many commonly held beliefs are based on myth and not fact. And, if you ever got a behind the scenes look at what is REALLY happening in the homes and offices of your favourite real estate investors, I am pretty certain you’d no longer aspire to do what they do.

I decided it was time you finally know the whole truth about investing in real estate.

And, if you are still into being an investor after I give you the real story of what it’s like, I lay out a simple plan for success. A model my husband and Dave and I spent a decade perfecting and the last three years teaching investors all over Canada and North America. It’s not a model that will make you rich tomorrow. You won’t be kissing your job goodbye in 32 days using my plan. Nor can you expect to cash any big five figure cheques in the next 90 days. What this book will give you is:

  • Insights into WHY most real estate information is biased and what to do about it,
  • Understanding what makes the best market for YOU to invest in (maybe it’s on a Top 10 List, but it doesn’t need to be),
  • Why you probably don’t actually want to be a ‘Full Time Real Estate Investor’,
  • How to be an investor, raise money, and not ruin your most prized relationships (most training on this doesn’t tell you what you’re really risking!),
  • Why “No Money – No Problem” is NOT true. You need money as a real estate investor and why you want to be very careful where you get that money.

I shared things in this book that very few people know. I think you’re really going to be glad you grabbed a copy.

Below you’ll find the special gifts you’ll get when you order a HARD COPY of the book (sorry, while I love Kindle, it does not qualify for this promotion).

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Julie Broad author of More Than Cashflow

Julie has a number of gifts for you for picking up More Than Cashflow. If you buy a copy (or, two!) of the book, you will receive immediate access to gifts that come with the book including:

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>> further training on how to calculate cash flow

>> a 50 minute video on making more money on every property through excellent property management.

The only way to get this is by grabbing a copy of the book and emailing your receipt in to us today.

“Finally someone with integrity and top notch knowledge puts their experience and expertise on paper. Someone brave enough to tell the TRUTH about real estate investing. This is a must read for new or experienced real estate investors.”
Ian Szabo,
Author of From Reno's to Riches and Fix & Flip, Toronto, ON
“There are a lot of real estate books on the market. Save your cash and just buy this one. Thanks to Julie’s pointed, expert and honest advice, in just four months I’ve done three new deals and completed my first joint venture.”
Tim Collins, Real Estate Investor, Toronto, ON
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Buy More Than Cashflow from

Buy More Than Cashflow from

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“Following Julie’s advice put $14,000 in my pocket. Doing the same will make you money and simplify your life!”
Jeff White,
Real Estate Investor, Victoria, BC
“Let’s face it the world doesn’t need another real estate investing book! Well it didn’t but it sure did need this one! Julie doesn’t just write a book that paints a picture of rainbows and roses. She tells it how it is…hard, gruelling in fact…but worth it (if you know what you are doing) Julie writes a book from the trenches and teaches you to avoid the landmines that she stepped directly on!”
Wade, on
“Finally, an honest, real-life guide to Real Estate Investing! There are many Real Estate books available that talk about one aspect of real estate investing or another, but very few are as honest and concise as ‘More Than Cashflow’.

I have a small library of Real Estate books and this one will definitely be the first on my list of recommended books to read. Some of these books I didn’t even get through because they were either confusing or failed to hold my attention, but that was not the case with ‘More Than Cashflow’! It was entertaining, easy to understand, and full of invaluable tips and experiences.”

Rick, on